The Dolomites - A UNESCO Word Heritage Site

A unique protected area, and a unique landscape that will enthral you

Proud peaks, steep cliffs and pale giants, all presenting themselves in mystical red colours in the evening light ... The unique rock formations of the Dolomites, magical alpine landscapes and the diverse valleys of this region, have captivated people throughout the ages.

The extraordinary beauty of the Dolomite landscape and its geological and geomorphological significance have led to the pale mountains - as the Dolomites are also known - being included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 26th June 2009. The Dolomites, with their well-known peaks such as the Three Peaks, Rosengarten and Schlern, have therefore achieved the highest award in the world for a natural site.

However, acceptance to this list of World Heritage Sites, not only offers a special distinction, but also requires a special commitment: From now on, protection of this natural zone is no longer a matter for an individual state or country, but for the entire international community.

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Dolomites - UNESCO World Heritage
Latemar - Dolomites

Individual areas of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site covers an area of 142,000 hectares spread over five Italian provinces: South Tyrol, Trentino, Belluno, Udine and Pordenone.
These areas of the Dolomites are under the protection of UNESCO:

  • arrow_rightThe area around Pelmo and Croda da Lago
  • arrow_rightThe Marmolada Group
  • arrow_rightThe Belluno Dolomites, Pale di San Martino, San Lucano and the Vette Feltrine
  • arrow_rightThe Friulan Dolomites including the Oltre Piave
  • arrow_rightThe northern Dolomites including the Sesto Dolomites and the well-known Drei Zinnen, the Cadini group, the Fanes-Sennes-Prags, Tofana and Cristallo groups
  • arrow_rightThe Puez Geisler
  • arrow_rightThe Schlern-Rosengarten and Latemar region
  • arrow_rightBletterbach
  • arrow_rightThe Brenta Dolomites

The inclusion of the Dolomites as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not only ensures that the protection of this sensitive Alpine landscape is continued, but that it is also developed. Therefore the Dolomites nature and hiking paradise Dolomites will be able to give joy and relaxation to future generations as an intact and breathtaking natural landscape.

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