The Three Peaks in the Dolomites

The landmark of the Dolomites

The Three Peaks in the nature Park by the same name probably form one of the most distinctive, if not the most striking, mountain chain in the Dolomites. No wonder that this natural highlight is also the symbol of the UNESCO world natural heritage in the Dolomites.

In 1869, the Big Peak (2,999 m) was successfully conquered for the first time by Paul Grohmann from Vienna, Franz Innerkofler from Sesto and Peter Salcher from Luggau. They reached the top in 2 hours and 55 minutes. 5 years later a woman, Anna Ploner, claimed to the top of the Great Pinnacle. In 1879, the Western Pinnacle (2,973 m) was conquered for the first time, and in 1881, the Small Peak (2,857 m), the most difficult of the 3 peaks, was mounted successfully. In the same year, the Three Peaks Hut was built, which has been visited by countless people every year since.

The north wall that made a name for itself in 1933. In August 1933, after several attempts, alpinists Emilio Comici and the brothers Giovanni and Angelo Dimai conquered the steep north wall of the Big Peak and made climbing history. The Big Peak was also climbed in winter, at less than minus 30 degrees in 1963, which took Peter Siegert, Gerd Uhner and Reiner Kauschke 17 days.

Since then, these mountains in the Sesto Dolomites, on the border between the provinces of Belluno and South Tyrol, have been attracting passionate climbers and leisure hikers from all over the world.

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Three Peaks
Three Peaks - Panorama

Hikes to the 3 peaks in the Dolomites

Experiencing the Three Peaks up close is a must for every hiker spending their holidays in the Dolomites - and it is very easy. There is a suitable tour for every hiker, which are described briefly below.

The classic for all hiking enthusiasts:
the tour starting from the Val Fiscalina in Sesto, walking time there and back is 7-8 hours. 

The most convenient way to go around the Three Peaks in Italy:
a journey by bus or with your own car to the Auronzo hut at 2,320 m above sea level. Time to get around is about 3 hours.

A less known, but panoramic hiking trail:
starting from the Valle Campo di Dentro, near San Dandido. There and back takes about 5-6 hours.

A challenging, with 1,000 meters in altitude to be overcome:
staring from the Valle di Landro near Dobbiaco. Walking time: 6 hours there and back.


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