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What’s better than daydreaming of holidaying in Val di Non in Italy? It’s actually making the trip. The wonderful natural landscape with majestic mountains and rugged canyon, crystal-clear mountain lakes, the castles and the many tiny villages, all combine together to make the Val di Non in Trentino what it is - a holiday paradise for nature-lovers, sport-lovers and pleasure-lovers.

The best way to explore the fabulous natural wealth of the sun-drenched Val di Non is by hiking, strolling and cycling. The endless plateaus and the broad slopes are just as ideal for simple walks as they are for demanding day-excursions. In winter, it’s mostly cross-country skiers who claim the Val di Non for themselves - they and the snowshoe hikers who find peace and recreation here.

The Val di Non is also the area in the Trentino which has the most castles and palaces. Aside from the regional capital Cles, located directly on Lake Santa Giustina, Thun castle with its massive towers and splendid gardens as well as the medieval Valer castle are especially worth seeing. Reached from Sanzeno via a steep path of 131 steps known as the “staircase to heaven”, the pilgrimage site St. Romedius is a special gem.

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Cles Castle and the lake Santa Giustina
Castle of Valer

Traditional pleasures

The Val di Non is famous as an apple-growing region. Apples, particularly Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and the traditional Renetta, have been cultivated here since the 19th century. Melinda brand apples from the Val di Non are juicy, crunchy and fresh. But it’s not just apples which are to be savoured along the “Road of Apples and Flavours” - it could just as well be different kinds of cheeses and sausages, especially the Trentingrana (a highly-nutritious, long-ripened hard cheese), the Mortandela (a type of smoked sausage) or Groppello, a popular Val di Non wine.

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