Current weather in the Dolomites, Italy - South Tyrol

What kind of weather should you expect in the Dolomites? In the mountains? When is the best time to visit the Dolomites? The weather report here can tell you immediately. The weather forecast and weather data are always up to date for your holiday in the Italian Dolomites. This enables you to plan your outdoor activities perfectly, because those who want to go hiking, cycling or skiing in the Dolomites, would obviously prefer to avoid any wet surprises from above.


Weather report for the Dolomites - South Tyrol, Saturday, August 15, 2020
Weather conditions:
High pressure conditions.
Weather today:
Mostly sunny weather with some cumulus clouds in the afternoon, but only isolatd showers. Maximum values from 23° to 32°.
Mountain weather today:
Quite sunny conditions, the risk of isolated thundery showers will rise only slightly in the afternoon.

Further development

Temp. max: 30°C
Temp. min: 14°C

Temp. max: 28°C
Temp. min: 14°C

Temp. max: 29°C
Temp. min: 14°C