Rafting in the wild waters of the Dolomites

A range of tours in various waters

Do you fancy a pleasant, sparkling white water ride? Yes? Then you are in just the right place, rafting in the Dolomites! This is assuming you love adventure and are not afraid of water. Both the large and small rivers in the Dolomites offer a range of opportunities for action-packed rafting tours.

There are numerous rafting clubs in the holiday regions of the Dolomites where, depending on what you are looking for, you can book a tour. These range from tours that run along comfortably flowing waters, ideal for newcomers and families, to thundering streams interspersed with steps and falls, more suitable for professional paddlers. You can find everything in the waters of the Dolomites, which you can ride on with a sturdy dinghy - as part of a team of course, and equipped with life jacket, helmet and paddle.

And the beauty of such an adventure: is that everyone can join in. No special knowledge is required to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wild water rafting in the Dolomites. The certified boating guides guarantee high levels of safety for travelling with rafting boats down the rollers and waves of the mountain streams.

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Rafting in the Dolomites
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