Lago di Dobbiaco / Toblacher See

A natural jewel that delights in every season

Take a trip by pedal boat or rowing boat, or just a leisurely walk around the lake - either way, Lago di Dobbiaco is a very special destination in every season.

Especially in spring and autumn, Toblacher See with its diverse shore vegetation, is an ideal nesting and resting place for waterfowl and migratory birds. You can observe rare species of birds that are only occasionally found in South Tyrol. It is best is from the observation deck, which is located on the western shore of the lake.

In summer, of course, the lake is great for cooling off on hot days: boating or a nature trail, with 11 stations, which provides a wonderful insight into the fauna and flora of this area, and children (and adults) can jump about with wild animals. The nature trail is only 2.5 km long and is accessible for pushchairs. If you prefer a longer hike, that starts right from his hotel near the Lake of Dobbiaco, and even from the centre to the lake, it is only an hour's walk.

And whilst Lago di Dobbiaco in Italy provides unlimited bathing fun in summer, it also offers visitors icy winter magic in the colder season. Skating enthusiasts will be thrilled, because when the temperatures drop and the lake freezes, there is the promise of non-stop fun skating and curling. Or: how about a romantic sleigh ride to the lake?

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Some key facts about the lake
Altitude: 1,117 metres above sea level
Volume: 286,000 m³
Maximum depth: 3.5 metres
Lake Dobbiaco

Lago di Dobbiaco round trip

The nature trail at Lago di Dobbiaco is a beautiful hike for young and old alike. Starting from the local car park, it goes counterclockwise along the lake. 11 stations and information boards provide interesting facts about the flora and fauna and invite children (and adults) to compete, jumping with wild animals. Pure walking time is less than an hour, but if you stop at the stations for a little while, then it can be a longer trip of 2-3 hours. The nature trail is also accessible for pushchairs.


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